Robust machines with competitive prices

almost without maintenance


(10 units)


(10 units)


(10 units)


(10 units)

General selling conditions

  • Shipment not included. Once the client decides what machine to order, Microvending will ask the shipping agency that considers cheapest for a budget and it will be later included in the invoice.
  • The machines are finished in black paint (color can be chosen in orders of more than 50 units)
  • If you’d like a customized vinyl, it would mean an added cost of:
    • 14€/unit UNIBLOCK 1
    • 19€/unit UNIBLOCK 2
    • 23€/unit UNIBLOCK 3

    The client will need to provide a .jpg, .tiff or .ai file for the desing. If the file needs adjustment, it has a fix cost of 30€.

  • If the vinyl design need to be made by Microvending, the cost is 350€.
  • Tax not included. Customs costs vary in every country, and the client will be the one to handle the needed papers so the machines can enter their country.
  • The client will need to provide currency samples (if they are not €) and sample products in order to perfect the custom design.
  • The machines’ measurements can differ depending on the product you would like to sell.
  • Microvending doesn’t provide wall anchoring because every wall has different construction characteristics and needs different tools.


The orders will be placed via e-mail:

Payments will be made via transfer.