Ancho 520 x Alto 665 x Fondo 100mm

20kg aprox.

Vending machines especially designed to provide the perfect tool for vending

Impeccable design, robust, secure and practically without maintenance

Customizable machines to your product, currency and language

  • 3 channels, independent in product and price.
  • Made in 1,5cm thick steel sheets
  • Suitable for all the products in the market: preservatives, rolling paper, lighters, chewing gum, filters, tooth brushes, etc. If they are correctly packed in cardboard boxes.
  • Adaptable channels by our technical department from the medium size of a tobacco pack to short rolling paper
  • Smallest thickness in the market, only 10cm. It doesn’t stick out of the wall and doesn’t obstruct the way—this way, it’s more difficult that anyone rejects your machines.
  • Capacity depends on the products: from 75 rolling paper packs per channel, to 48 lighters or 24/72 preservatives (depending on the type)
  • Maximum measurements of the package: 63mm wide x 25mm high x 87mm thick
  • Minimum measurements of the package: 20mm wide x 5mm high x 30mm thick
  • Completely dissasemblable mechanism with few screws
  • It blocks when the product is finished
  • Possibility of a customized key

Vending machines are not safety locks, the enterprise doesn’t take responsibility for vandalism acts, incorrect use or manipulation of the machines, theft or subtractions or any other event not related to the manufacturing of the unit.

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